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Onyx Nature Plank 4"x24"

$8.49 Sq Ft
Original price $5.43 - Original price $5.43
Original price
$5.43 - $5.43
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A beautiful plank porcelain tile, with matching Onyx hexagon. Perfect for accent designs, and can be used in herringbone patterns on the floor or wall! There are so many possibilities with our new Onyx series in this unique size! 

Please note: There are three finishes mixed in a box. All textured. 

Finish 1) Textured linear pattern (straight lines running through the tile)

Finish 2) Simple Textured finish (similar to any matte tile) 

Finish 3) Textured wave (wavy lines running horizontally through tile) 


Please see the pictures for more details.

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